Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Home Teachers meet the Visiting Teachers

Its the last day of the month, I haven't done my visiting teaching yet. I haven't been visit taught, and I haven't been home taught. 12:30 we're out of church. I go to my companion's apartment at one, only to find out she's in a meeting with the bishop.
Two o' clock. I try again, and success! she's home, we go over to my apartment and review the lesson before we go to our girls' apartments. OK, we're good. Two ten... Knock, Knock, Knock. "Hi is _____ home?" Score, she is home, and she is happy to have us come in to give the lesson. We talk, but aren't that good at keeping a conversation going. Oh, by the way, RS president, do you know where _-_-_-_ lives? Oh good, because we didn't know that. We go visit _-_-_-_ and get along well.
Okay, I think we're set, we have appointments for next month (not the last Sunday) and our girls are doing fine. I promise next month I won't procrastinate. Okay we're good.
Knock Knock Knock. "Who's at the door?" Jessica asks me. "I don't know" I respond as I go to open the door. "Hi, we're your home teachers, is it an okay time for us to talk to you and your roommates?" I'm glad that we aren't all taking naps right now. "yea, come on in, I'll get the others out here." I respond and let Jessica entertain them for  a minute. Diana, our Home Teachers are here, come join us for a lesson. "Kristen, come meet our home teachers." We're all there and talk for a good hour before the guys give us a lesson. By the end, we hear a Knock Knock Knock on our door. Hello to Diana's Visiting teachers. One of our home teachers gives a prayer, closing their meeting with us and opening the meeting for the visiting teachers.
At seven I decide that my visiting teachers aren't coming and change into my pjs, getting ready for bed so I can get up early in the morning. Sure enough, we didn't hear another Knock Knock Knock at the door.

Name this movie...