Tuesday, June 30, 2009

First time for everything

I got my first job as a substitute SECA (special education classroom assistant) with the elementary and middle school district and worked the last two days of the school year. I had a blast playing with the kids, because that is exactly what I did.

My first day of work I walked in and was trying to find my way around Montgomery. The lady in the office could not believe that I was fresh out of high school and thought that I was at least out of college. She got one of the kids to show me the way to the classroom I was to go to.

There I was minding my own business when who walked into the classroom an hour into the day, but one of my friends. The crazy thing is that I woke up that morning thinking about her. That morning I thought, wow, we really set Steph up for a hard Senior year, we should have made her hang out with more people that were NOT seniors this year, and then there she was in the classroom where I was working.

And now I wait for the new school year to start.

Monday, June 29, 2009

My Graduation party

I've been caught up in so many things lately that i haven't blogged about anything. I had a great time celebrating my graduation with a cruise with a few of my favorite people. We weren't going to be going to Mexico because of the swine flu (i know that it has an official name, but can't remember what it is), but we were able to go ashore after all and had a blast seeing la bufadora and looking through the stores in the city.


Sunday, June 7, 2009

Now What?

I was sitting in my room Friday and thought, now what? How can this chapter in my life really be over? My family has been going to Granite for a long time, how can it be that there is no member of our family still enrolled?
I've applied for my first job and had to get drug tested and have a TB test. So, while I'm waiting to see if I get the job, now what? I'm not in the middle of any book, which is strange for me because I am usually in the middle of two or three. I haven't started any projects yet, but I do want to make an afghan for my college dorm room.
Graduation was fun, especially being among crowd of people trying to find their graduate. Along the way I found one of my friends that I've known since kindergarten. I was an honor graduate and so I got to wear white for graduation. The honor grads got their honor chords (the gold thing hanging on my neck) at Senior Awards Night and one of my friends that sat with me said that he wanted to jump rope with his, and I am sure that he has by now.