Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Homecoming Queen?

Well the exciting news is that my dress came today and it fits this time!!! However, I did not make it onto court, so I will have to wear my dress at a different dance.

I am really enjoying most of my classes this year, math is challenging, but I really like it. I was talking to one of my friends saying that I didn't like one of my classes and she asked why I didn't like it, I had an "A." That was the problem, I barley had to put any effort into the class and got an A out of it.

Yesterday I was frustrated that I couldn't learn from my mistakes in Government because the teacher's attitude doesn't invite students to ask him questions, or to even give us a chance at looking over what we did wrong on the tests. So before class today, I asked him if I could find out what I got wrong on the test so that I can understand it better in the future, and to my surprise he said that I can come in tomorrow at lunch to look over what I got wrong, however I still don't know how I will know which questions I got wrong, but oh well at least I can try.