Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Homecoming Queen?

Well the exciting news is that my dress came today and it fits this time!!! However, I did not make it onto court, so I will have to wear my dress at a different dance.

I am really enjoying most of my classes this year, math is challenging, but I really like it. I was talking to one of my friends saying that I didn't like one of my classes and she asked why I didn't like it, I had an "A." That was the problem, I barley had to put any effort into the class and got an A out of it.

Yesterday I was frustrated that I couldn't learn from my mistakes in Government because the teacher's attitude doesn't invite students to ask him questions, or to even give us a chance at looking over what we did wrong on the tests. So before class today, I asked him if I could find out what I got wrong on the test so that I can understand it better in the future, and to my surprise he said that I can come in tomorrow at lunch to look over what I got wrong, however I still don't know how I will know which questions I got wrong, but oh well at least I can try.


Joanne said...

I knew we should have taken a picture of you this afternoon when you tried on the beautiful dress. It is much prettier on you than the sample picture posted! Very flattering, perfect color and just the right amount of bling! The dress is ready for the next occassion!

Grammyzanne said...

It would be nice to have a classroom of students like you.

Hopefully you will be able to wear your dress soon. (Your mom must be slipping not to have gotten a picture ;))

Jenny R said...

Don't be afraid to ask - the worst he can do is say no. He can't take away your birthday!! :)

Clutz said...

omg soo, read all ur posts, and you'll have to wear the geaorgous dress to winter formal, maybe adam will go! :D that would be a lot of fun wouldn't it? i wish i could see you in it though! you prolly look georgous! i just got a blog, so you should check mine out :) im gunna try to keep up with it, and post once a week or so ^^ hope you are doing well, and talk to you soon!

twiligh in a little month chelsea!! :D i cnt wait!

well tlak to you soon <3