Sunday, October 4, 2009

Little Wisps of Air

I love clouds. I love sitting and watching them build up, blow away, and become fuzzy little bunnies (or other creatures of the imagination). But most of all, I love the colors of clouds. They are my favorite parts of sunsets, what makes me love grey days (there's always some color in the clouds). I love seeing the depth of clouds and just the entirety of their beauty.

Everytime I see magnificant clouds that I want to take a picture of to share with Stacy or to keep for myself to remember the beauties of the world, I don't have a camera on me. When I was at college, I was frustrated because I didn't have a single picture of clouds on my computer (I still don't) and I have some beautiful pictures from a plane ride home from somewhere.

I started being in love with clouds when I started driving one of my friends to school from seminary. Every day she would point out something amazing in the clouds. Half an hour after the sun begins to rise is really a beautiful time of day. I miss thoes drives from seminary to school enjoying the beauty that our Father hs put in the world around us. Stacy would say something along the lines of, "He is the best artist in this world." and its true, because He is the artist of this world. In this life, we can only try to capture the beauty of the world around us with the materials that we have in our hands, but he has the air and water and sun to work with instead of paint and canvas, or clay, or cameras.


Tamara Robertson Turner said...

What a nice post, Chels. The weather is cooling down here, and we have been sleeping with the windows open. It's been nice to wake up and look out at the light puffy clouds in the sky.

Joanne said...

Ahhh. I feel that way about mountains and pine trees, waterfalls and rivers. And trees changing colors! A beautiful palette. Thanks for sharing!

Tamara Robertson Turner said...

Jocelyn was just saying how the leaves are turning and just looking beautiful! I sure miss that crisp air, fall clothes, and beautiful hillsides!

Unknown said...

I want to capture the beauty around me with my camera too. I used to be sure that I always had my camera on me and for a while I would pause every few days to try and take some artistic shots of plants or architecture or what have you. Now I usually do keep my camera in my backpack, but I go months at a time without using it.

I especially like to take close ups of plants. Well, really I just like bokeh shots the most. Those are the ones that are focused on something so close that everything in the background is fuzzy.