Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sunday is a special day, its the day we fall of our beds.

My alarm went off just like any other morning. I groaned because I didn't want to get up, but I wanted my alarm to be off NOW. So I swung my legs over the edge of the bed and, like every morning, stepped onto my desk to get out of bed. Unlike every morning, I stepped on the edge of the desk and, not realizing my danger, put all of my weight on that foot. Thud, Thud, Thud, Thud. Of course the edge of the desk wasn't the most secure place on my desk to step and I fell. 
My roommate woke to see me laying on the floor with my alarm clock still going off and unable to do anything about it. She laughed as I tried to get up (knowing it could have been her) on my own and being unsuccessful. So I crawled over and turned off my alarm. To get up, I had to pull myself up using the ladder built into my bed. I was not excited about wearing high heels to church that day.
I am glad that I landed flat on my knee instead of at an angle which could have hurt even more. That was almost a week ago and my knee is still sore and very bruised, but thats to be expected when you fall several feet and all your weight lands on your knee. This is an experience I hope not to repeat again, especially with such a long fall.


Joanne said...

I'm soooo sorry, Chelsea. Hope you have a speedy recovery this week. Maybe go to bed earlier tonight-LOL

Anonymous said...

I haven't fallen off my bed again, but my knee is still off colored. I don't think it helps that I like to close cupboards and the like with my knees.