Thursday, July 31, 2008

My first IV

So I have been thinking about posting for awhile but wasn't sure if I should post a picture because I think that it looks gross but Jocelyn asked me to so I will. You might be able to see Mom's initials on my wrist (at the top left corner under the clear bandaging) indicating that they were operating on the proper wrist.

I lay on my back with my right arm straight out with the IV (my first) and my left arm straight out for surgery feeling like I was on a cross. The last thing that I remember before the General anesthesia knocked me out was the ceiling going fuzzy and thinking that I didn't like it.

My first memory afterward was when I was still groggy. I thought I was in my bed at home and that I had had a very strange dream about something called a ganglion cyst and that I had to have surgery. Then I started to actually wake up and finally heard the heart monitor beeping out my heart beat, I realized that it was not a dream and that I could feel the IV in my arm and the cold ice on my wrist. I opened my eyes and could not focus, but I could see that someone was by me, checking my charts or something, I closed one eye and was able to focus on her. She had me talk to her a bit and tell her if my wrist hurt or not and how much on a scale of 1-10. My wrist was more of an irritation than painful and I really wanted to close again and go back to sleep.

I had told one of the nurses in Pre-op that I was a swimmer and somehow everyone knew that I swim. The nurse in post-op took her 15 min break after I woke up and told the nurse who was going to watch me for her that I was a swimmer and that was why my heart rate was slow.
Well I had my first IV removed and they moved me to a chair and gave me a toasty warm blanket because I couldn't stop shivering and then they brought mom in and talked to her about how to care for me and whatnot. I don't know exactly what was said or anything because I was still groggy, but I do remember that I was suposed to work my way slowly from clear fluids to solids.
After I got dressed Mom went and got the car and the nurse wheeled me out to the front to wait for her. I got into the car and mom asks me if I want a Jamba Juice, so we go over and get some and we each get a pretzel with cheese that was delishous. We ate a bit in the car before Mom realized that I was suposed to be on clear liquids still, so ohwell what's done is done and I didn't have a problem with it.

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Unknown said...

I'm glad your surgery went well. A while back I wore a heart monitor just to see what it would say, and I expected my heart to be in the 60s all day, but I discovered that my resting heart rate is only when I'm resting. When I'm active, my heart rate is more like 90 or so all the time. I was surprised that it went below 50 sometimes when I was reading though.