Sunday, March 1, 2009

Do you remember?

I don't think our house looks like this any more, do you? I think I recognize the the station wagon on the right, but I'm not sure.

For the last several years Andrea has been scanning our family's pictures (its a giant project with the amount of pictures my mom takes) and has put them on Cd's for all of us so that we can have access to them. This morning I was looking at one of the Cd's and I ran across these pictures from 1993.

Do you remember playing in the back yard as kids? We had this awesome play set that was so much fun. It was right next to the garden when we had one. The fence fell down several years ago and took the play set with it.
Remember playing in the sprinklers on a hot summer day?


Michael said...

It is fun to remember...but it wasn't the fence that took out the play set. Years of good use wore it out and it had to be taken down for safety's sake.

Anonymous said...

But did it come down when the fence did?

Joanne said...

Who's out in the street in that little plastic car - against the rules (must have been Brent, couldn't be Chelsea). Also imagine they were trying to cross the road to get to the picture taker! It is fun to see these pictures of A, B & C.

Grammyzanne said...

Good those memories are preserved.
It's surprisng how fast 15 years can go. Wonder what the next 15 will bring.

Jocelyn Chappell said...

I remember watching Dad dig the holes for the swing set. I had never seen a pole digger before and thought that it was brilliant. Good times!

jocelyn the elder said...

Hi, Chelsea,

YOor mother is helping me learn to enter comments!

G'ma C

Tamara Robertson Turner said...

That's fun Chels.

Mom, If you click on the picture, it will show up big on your screen. Then you can see the oh so cute Brent trying to drive his car across the road.

Austin's Mommy said...

That's the only house I remember. I haven't seen the new one. Although, I really remember the tree more than the house!

So exciting to see Grandma posting comments.