Saturday, April 25, 2009

Happy Birthday! Now lets go east

I had a great birthday this year, like every year. Jocelyn came down to celebrate . It seemed too crazy to make a whole birthday meal the night before we left town and have plenty of left overs that we would never actually eat, so we went to Black Angus for dinner as a family.

The morning after my birthday we flew to Pennsylvania and spent the whole day pretty much in the airport before we went to bed. We spent the day in Philadelphia and saw the liberty bell, Franklin Court, met Grandma and Aunt Carmela at the B. Franklin Post Office, went to Independence Hall, had a Philly Cheese Steak for lunch, went to the Constitution Center, said good bye to Aunt Carmela, drove to Alantic City (where all your dreams come true), watched part of Conference, unpacked, had dinner, and went to bed. That was a long day, but I think it was worth it, I had a lot of fun.
We spent a week in Alantic City and in the surrounding areas. I was glad to be able to spend time with my sisters (since they were all there and we all lead busy lives) and with Aunt Carmela.


Jocelyn Chappell said...

It was good to celebrate your birthday together (twice, even!). I'm so glad that you're part of my family. It will be great to spend more time with you this summer. I love you tons and tons!

Joanne said...

Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday. And happy travels. Wasn't that fun. What did you like best about the trip?

Grammyzanne said...

Sounds like a very memorable birthday - happy birthday.

Michael said...

Happy 18th birthday! What a birthday celebration! We still had leftovers that some of us tried to eat the next morning before we headed to the airport. I was sorry that I did...nothing quite like flying all day after eating steak for breakfast.