Saturday, July 11, 2009

Out in the woods

I just got back from Young Women Camp yesterday afternoon. This was my seventh year at camp, so I went as a specialist and had a lot of fun. Our theme was VITAL signs which stood for virtuous in thought, action, and language.

The YCLs (Youth Camp Leaders), Specialists, and stake leaders left from the Granite Hills building early Monday morning and all the girls and their ward leaders left at noon. We were able to eat lunch, heart attack the ward cabins, and take a nap before the girls arrived at camp.

It was a beautiful camp ground we went to, but it was high up, everyone felt the strain of less oxygen in the air as we hiked all around camp. We all got used to the air and hiking as the week went on and we had a lot of fun.

We had a lot of fun playing different games every afternoon in "physical" or "occupational" therapy. We played Tree, Log, Bridge on Wednesday along with a lot of other fun relays. we had a food relay where each ward had to send up ten girls, one at a time to eat something out of a paper bag, like rasins, pudding, marshmellows, ect.

I am glad that I could go one more year and that I could spend a week with my friends before I go to BYU-I in a couple of weeks.


Janet said...

I always enjoy girl's camp--as a youth and as a leader. Good luck with your final preparations for school!

Tamara Robertson Turner said...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun!!! I have so many good memories of girl's camp!

Grammyzanne said...

Sounds like a fun theme

Joanne said...

I loved the theme about vital signs! What a great focus for the week. The Stake YW camp director shared her testimony today about the great spirit the girls felt at camp this year and the ward YW president shared how the girls bore testimony of the Savior this year - not about how they loved their friends and leaders. What a great event in YW lives. Glad you could go and add to the spirit and enjoy feeling that too!